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Well, the time has come to build smallest possible working transceiver. Many of them has been built before occupying various tin boxes.  Searching through internet resources I came to conclusion that my pixie must work wider than original design based on single crystal  and there was a need to have TX offset capability. . Every Ham should try  to build this cute rig himself or from the kit. Unforgettable experience and pleasure.


The Pixie is a miniature radio transceiver CW, versatile which is very popular among radio amateurs around the world. The schematic diagram of the project and the changes are available across the Internet, sites of the Japanese sites Argentines, and it was in these places that we found the layout and tips for modifications. The source (of ideas) of Pixie comes from fellow GM3OXX with Foxx in 1982 and has been developing with new versions FOXX2 and FOXX3 the ALVA - the Swedish SM7UCZ, the MICRO-80 of Russian RV3GM and several changes of W1FB, WA6BOY, G3LHJ , G4UMB among many others.
It is because miniature mounted fits in the palm of the hand and is as versatile with simple changes (4 or 5 components) you can change the track.
The components used are easily obtainable on the market or can scrounge for scrap of a workshop for TV.
As the entire electronic circuit Pixie can be divided into parts (sections) and is set up so that the danadinho!
  The shares are basically four audio amplifier, the crystal oscillator, power amp / mixer - tank and the output side tone.
The assembly is done in Manhattan style, "isolated islands" and "dead bug" (dead bug) that facilitates the mounting and possible improvements and modifications. In addition to the printed circuit boards do not require chemical attack, hurricanes etc..
The first part of this work refers to the crystal Pixie, which describe the operation and assembly detailed in the second part describe a change implemented by us which is the Pixie with ceramic resonator which has a much lower cost, has an excellent stability, inductors and commercial uses also covers the entire range of CW of the 40m line with the varicap........


below is a file attached with all the latest and best information available in pixie qrp cw transceiver......its a microsoft word document file.....

check it out..and all the best for youre pixie...

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